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When it comes to performance touring kayaks, there are ups and there are downs, and our kayaks maximize the ups while minimizing the downs. The downs are weight and price, while the ups include storage capacity, stability, comfort, and (of course) performance. We’ve designed a performance touring kayak that has become standard issue for guides and paddling instructors around the country on all kinds of water. What does that kind of endorsement tell you? It says our performance touring kayaks make good on their promises ― they perform.

You might be a Performance oriented kayaker if . . .kayak trips and lessons alerts in houston

Tracer 165 - Whether you choose a skeg (standard) or a rudder (optional), the Tracer 165 is a performance machine designed for those who like to get a little aggressive on the water

Tracer 165 LV – The lower volume deck on this Tracer version offers petite paddlers the snug fit they desire


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