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There are people who think “high performance recreational kayak” is an industry oxymoron and believe you have to leave your adrenaline at the shoreline when you paddle a recreational boat. We have a special word for them and a number ― Santee 135. This boat bumps the needle way up on the performance meter. It’s super lightweight, tracks like the proverbial dream (as well as boats 2-3 feet longer), and it gives you an efficient, stable, fun experience on the water. We improved the deck lines for added style andkayak trips and lessons alerts in houston stiffness, and we kept the price point at a place you’ll appreciate. You’ll be doing some serious recreating in the Santee 135. You’ll also be smiling . . . a lot.


                                             colors available

Ideal Use* Weight Length Width Cockpit Capacity
1 & 2 40 lbs
18.14 kg
4 m
59.7 cm
38″ x 21″
96.5 cm x 53.3 cm
250 lbs
113.4 kg
*Key to Ideal Use : 1 = Quiet lakes and rivers
  2 = Day touring quiet coastal waters and larger lakes
   3 = Coastal waters, day trips, overnight tripping


  • Rudder/Skeg Option: No


  • Model tracks well and low wind effect
  • Bulkheads: ABS Plastic Bow & Stern
  • Flotation & storage
  • Hatches: 5.5” Bow Bulkhead & 10” Stern
  • Storage compartment access
  • Deck Bungee Rigging: Bow & Stern
  • Deck storage for dry bag & gear
  • Paddle Holder
  • Secure paddle to deck
  • Security Bar
  • Cable lock your boat to the car or storage
  • Outfitting: New AireStream seat and thigh pads
  • Comfort, adjustability and breathability
  • Twist loc footbrace system
  • Easy adjustment from seated position
  • Luggage Grab Handle: Bow & Stern
  • Comfortable grip when carrying kayak during portage


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